Mohammad Suqer & Mohammad Al Bahkali for engineering consultancy

(A professional company)

The company was founded in 2015 under license from the Saudi Council of Engineers to provide the following services:

1. Design:
– Architectural Design
– Urban Design
– Landscape
– Interior Design

2. Engineering supervision.

3. Project management.

5 Design Solutions Company for General Contracting

(limited liability company)

Was founded in 2007 as a contracting institution, the office offers a range of services in building design, construction and implementation in 2015. 5 Design Solutions elevated into a specialized construction company serving government and private projects in the following fields:

1- Construction

2- Finishing

3- Renovation

4- Maintenance

5- Decoration


Success generates, imagination becomes reality

When desire and determination converge with knowledge and ambition, in presence of sublime goals, reflect the responsible sense for values which were instilled from a young age With increasing efforts, we can cross limits.


Why Five design solutions?

Our Vision:
Deliver our culture through design, reflecting the modern spirit of Islamic Arabian identity.

Our aim:
Design a personal built environment that responds with the requirement of modern life and lifestyle.

Our mission:
“Our success is making your dream come true.”

Why Five design solutions FIVEDS?
We offer our clients integrated solutions in one stop, starting from the concept and engaging through the main services (architectural design – interior design – develop identity – engineering supervision – management and implementation project) to ensure our clients to receive high quality service with competitive fees.



General Manager

Mohamed Yahya Al Bahkali


Nationality: Saudi

Specialist: Architect

Bachelor of Architecture, College of Environmental Design at King Abdulaziz University

B.S. Architectural engineering (2004)

Executive Manager

Mohamed Adam Suqer


Nationality: Saudi

Specialist: Architect

Bachelor of Architecture, College of Environmental Design at King Abdulaziz University

B.S. Architectural engineering (2004)


Success Story

1999 ( The Beginning )

Our struggle began on the first day in the university. We had shared the road for six beautiful years and we have learned a lot together.

2004 ( Big Dream )

We graduated from university and dreamt to join in one of those prestigious companies. We had never realized to establish our own business.

2006 ( Opportunity )

We eventually worked in one engineering office. There, we met Eng. Ibrahim al-Saqqaf who inspired us to give our chance to our own business. He helped us by giving job as interior designers in a company for two years. We did work our own business part time; hence, the idea came.

2007 ( Transformation )

We decided to establish our own business officially. We had to sacrifice the opportunity of governmental scholarships and government job offer. We had to resign from our current work.

2008 – 2014 ( Continuous Development )

We put a development plan that includes enrolling into training courses; participate in exhibitions, local and international forums. We started investing in building a professional team capable of creating the identity and characterizing the company.

2015 – 2017 ( Expansion )

With the grace of God, 5DS has been upgraded from an institution to a company. We established another company for Engineering Consulting Co. as we have been nominated as one of the top 10 entrepreneur companies in the Kingdom for 2015.



‘Team spirit. . . Creativity is created ‘


FIVEDS team is characterized by a spirit of teamwork to provide professional service to live up to clients’ expectations.



We treat our clients as a team member’s to participate in building the dream.
1. Kinan co.
2. Ewan co.
3. Ahmed Abed Company
4. Al Fawaz trading Co.
5. Ministry of Islamic Affairs
6. Chamber of Commerce in Onaizah
7. Munif Alnahdi Co.
8. Alrajhi Endowment
9. Almutlaq
10. National Creativity Investment Co.
11. Alnahdi Co.
We are proud of our clients and always strive for client satisfaction.



Training: 5DS had trained more than 40 students during the last ten years ranging from local to international universities and colleges. Three of our current staff members are from this training.

The training program provides an environment for creativity and exposure to the actual profession. The trainees are integrated with the team and assigned work to discover and experience the real working environment.

Notably, one of the groups that the office has been training won the first place award in national level. The project was about the revitalization of the Old City of Al-Ula Province where various amenities were introduced to compliment tourism in Al-Ula. 5DS mentored the students on completing the project. The competition is organized by the Tourism Authority and was attended by students and professionals from across the Arabian Gulf.

Little Engineer: In cooperation with the Foundation of «together to change» and within lives your dream program. 5DS team organized a day to receive future engineers, to introduce them with the architectural profession through a fun and useful program.

WOJODI initiative: One of the initiatives, sponsored by Prince Majid Society for Community Development which aims to take care of Unknown parentage and integrate them effectively with the community while empowering these children, also to recognize achievements of the candidates in this category. .


Special Thanks

Finally, we are so proud that in such short time we reach a level of quality and perfection making this amount of projects having this standard.


Special thanks to everyone who supports us and giving us the chance to convert our inspiration from imaginary to realty.